Bamboo HR Integration (WorkTango Users Management)

Contact CS to enable BambooHR integration. Once enabled go to the Integrations -> BambooHR page.


Select the ‘Connect to BambooHR’ button and enter your company’s BambooHR subdomain, and select ‘Next’.


This will direct you to BambooHR where you will need to login to their platform to authenticate the connection.

You must be logged into BambooHR as an admin with full platform access for the integration sync to correctly sync all user details.


Once connected, you can configure how your connection works.


  • Choose your unique identifier, email address or Bamboo ID.
  • Enable “Nightly sync.” This connects BambooHR to WorkTango once a day.
  • Enable “Send welcome email to new users” This sends welcome emails when new users are synced from Bamboo to WorkTango
  • Enable “Archive missing users.” If a user is removed from Bamboo, they will automatically become archived in WorkTango.
  • “Sync now” button starts an immediate sync between the platforms
  • “View sync history” to take you to the import history page.

How data syncs

BambooHR Field → WorkTango Field

  • firstName → First Name
  • lastName → Last Name
  • preferredName → Preferred Name
  • status → User Status
    • active → active
    • inactive → archived
  • hireDate → Start Date
  • EmployeeNumber → Employee ID
  • WorkEmail → Login Email
  • WorkEmail → Notification Email
  • jobTitle → Title/Position
  • department → Department
  • division → Group*
    • *Groups are currently additive from Bamboo to Kazoo. It does not remove if they switch the user groups.
  • location → Location
  • supervisorId → Assigned Manager
  • birthday → Birthdate
  • country → Country